We ignite the spark of success on your business journey. Our mission is to empower your growth and prosperity through a comprehensive range of business compliance solutions. 
Your business is our passion, and your success is our purpose.

“Incorporation is the first chapter in your company’s story, and we’re here to help you write a tale of success. We needed our customers makeover program.”

What We Offer

Unlock a World of Possibilities with Esqay Corporate Services. We’re Your Trusted Partner for Tailored Business Solutions. Your Success is Our Mission.
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Save costs and enhance efficiency by outsourcing your payroll functions to us. We manage payroll for your team, and our services even include the processing of reimbursement claims for your team members.



Our experienced chartered secretary steps in as your named secretary, ensuring your business complies with regulations. We’re not just about paperwork; we provide valuable advice on business structure matters, facilitating changes to officers and shareholders, and ensuring annual submissions to the registry are handled with ease.


Nominee Director

Our fit and qualified local individual will act as the Director of your company in meeting the basic requirement of Singapore company with local resident Director.


Expert tax planning to mitigate risks of non-compliance and create room for your business to expand and flourish. Make your tax matters a breeze by entrusting us with the handling of your personal or business tax concern.

Work Passes

We streamline the application process for various professional passes, including employment passes, entrepreneur passes, and personalized employment passes. 

Address / Process Agent

Say goodbye to the need for a physical office for registered purposes. Our office address becomes your office address. We also provide process agent services, where we receive and handle legal notices and documents on your behalf.


Accounting / XBRL

Tailored accounting services designed to meet your specific business needs. Whether it’s the frequency of accounting reports or offsite/on-site data entry, we’ve got you covered.